Non-Stop Flow
Mariska Breland
Class 4231

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And yes, there are some small nail  polish streaks on my wooden floor.  I really like that exercise!!
Great exercises ... and stretches ... could use more guidence in breath pattern.
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Hi Mariska I’m a pilates instructor in London. Thank you so much for your pilates-ish classes I’ve really enjoyed working out to them and using them as inspiration for my classes. Will you be doing more or was that the last one? (I hope not) Best wishes Anna x
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A great flow that includes upper body and shoulder girdle reinforcement that will keep you interested instead of defeated.
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Sue Morley
Thanks from sunny London. A great class.
Thanks all! And a special shout out to sunny London (where it is, often, not sunny!)
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Thank you for this series! I was able to join some live and catch up on those I didn’t over the break. This class flew by and I feel great. 
Thank you Mariska for the great variations you’re offering. Very inspiring and sometimes challenging 😉
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Thank you Mariska Breland for this wonderful class! Loved each moment🌻🙏🏼
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Beautiful class and flow!! You are awesome and I appreciate you bringing a class to PA during these unprecedented times!😍😍
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