Corps Basics<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4255

Corps Basics
Amy Havens
Class 4255

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Karen A
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That felt amazing Just what my body needed after a transatlantic flight and over 20 hours of travel! My body feels refreshed relaxed and renewed! Thanks so much
Cynthia G
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As always, Amy, basics are good cos they can so easily be forgotten.
Kerry L
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Lovely class- thank you!
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Hi Amy Havens . I've been enjoying your home classes a lot! Is there a possibility of doing a prop class that focuses on rib stacking??
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Ah, Amy, I see a series titled "Yin Pilates".
Lina S
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I've really enjoyed your detailed and accurate cues. It's good to revisit the basics. There's one small detail we forget along the road. By revisiting, we get deeper knowledge. It's the end of the day for me and the slower pace was perfect. I can go to bed now Thank you Amy.
Perren S
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Thank you from Cape Town for a wonderful class, really enjoyed it!
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After a three weeks treatment of lymphoedema this class has made me feel  like having gallons of water  in a desert;  very smooth and deep basic movements were perfect new start for my stiff body ; your teaching skills and transmission your knowledge to the class shows how a great teacher you are Amy; thank you so much
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Thank you Amy - everyone has said what I wanted to about your skills as a Pilates instructor ... just wanted to add that I loved the wrap around oblique focus on the rotational work. ... really helped me elongate and connect more effectively.  Please can you do a flexion free focus class.  thank you for sharing your knowledge with us all!
Fabulous as always Amy, perfect to come back to myself!  Thank you! x
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