Little Bitchy Exercises
Karen Sanzo
Class 4259

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Hi Karen - great cues & can’t wait to get on my Mat & give it all a try! Do you recommend padding the ASIS if they don’t make contact with the mat when prone (for the extension work)? Thanks!
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I encourage those who have even level 3 classes in their practices to take this class.  Karen's cues for connecting to the lower rectus abs will give you a better understanding of abdominal action at the pubis.  Great for sharing with your students  who are new to Pilates.
Karen, thanks for a lovely class with such great tips.  I think they will all relate to our reformer practice as well.  Loved your poem to start this practice!  Would you be able to share that?
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Wonderful, as always. But I cannot see the hands! Whilst the cueing is detailled I really need a visual. (iPad)
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That was awesome! The ulna deviation is just what I needed to get my arms more connected to my thorax. Thank you so much for the spot on cues.
Thank you SO much for this session 🙏🙏🙏I always learn so much from you !!!!
My shoulders are SO happy after this class. Thank you Karen!
Thank you so much, this class is amazing! 
This class was so much fun! Very helpful for my shoulders! Thank you Karen.
A great reset for the shoulders, thanks Karen
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