Mind Body Flow<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4270

Mind Body Flow
Amy Havens
Class 4270

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Loved this class.  Thank you, Amy!
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Great class. Thank you Amy!
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Everything in there and a little extra magic!!! Loved this class
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This class was awesome. Thank you Amy!
This class was a wonderful birthday gift to myself!  Thank you Amy!

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beautiful, i feel calm and energized, thank you amy :)
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Fiona O
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I tweaked my lower back a few days ago and I’m pretty sure your class has set me back into action:) I feel great! Thank you Amy...once again. 
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Awesome class as always. Wow, that split leg rocker.... I may need  more practice on that one but gave me a giggle! Thanks as always Amy xx
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Thank you Amy! The sidelying hip series in there was a burner! I also like how you discussed focusing on finding flexion “where you need it”.  My postural tendency is posterior pelvic tilt with a very flat thoracic so I was personally focusing on getting more flexion up higher. I love your comments “make it your own” so important. Hope you had a nice Halloween 🎃 
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