Tone<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 4275

Courtney Miller
Class 4275

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Super class as always! please do more...
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Absolutely loved it, this series of classes has been challenging and enjoyable !
Karen T
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Great class!  Loved the back bend.  
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Wonderful Courtney!  I loved all 5 classes.  Thank you.
Kelly O
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I have loved this series. Thanks. I hope you keep adding more like this. Thank you
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Really fun - got it all in - heart rate up, great muscle work and stretching!   
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Just finished the series. I have already done Heat and Empower twice and used the playlist. So FUN! Look forward to doing these over and over.
Amazing and challengions class., one of my favorite ones. Thank you so much
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So awesome as always love the eccentric quad work and general pace of getting things done! 
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Also I really noticed the difference in lunge side to side with the feedback of the reformer against the back of the calves - really good teaching tool for form 
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