Add A Little Heat<br>Maria Leone<br>Class 4346

Add A Little Heat
Maria Leone
Class 4346

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Angela T
super powerful class! thank you!
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This was challenging and fun at the same time!  Your cues are always spot on. Thank you so much!  I felt like Wonder Woman with those strikes.......but I probably looked like the new Cobra Kai students LOL
Barbara P
thank you! this class was more than awesome!!! 

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Sorry, I am disapointed. I was looking forward to new pilates classes and I don´t like the mix of yoga and pilates. I like pure mechanic of the spine and the "pilates breathing". I have subscribed PILATES Anytime, where should I subscribe yoga classes?
Chloe P
Recharged is exactly how I feel after that - amazing blend of movement practices, loved every minute- thank you!
Fun variations ... good guiding with breathing ... enjoyed the arm karate-Taekwondo-Kung Fu movements ... 
if possible, please stand so that we can see positions of feet ... are feet parallel or in pilates v-position ... that could be great ... 
Motivating .... 👍
Thanks 🇩🇰
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Hi Viera W I'm sorry the class wasn't what you were looking for. It did say in the description that it was a yoga fusion. If you're looking for pure yoga, we recommend our sister site Yoga Anytime. If you have any other questions, email us at 
This is exactly what I needed! Love the innovation.
Oh, Maria - how I needed this creative, unique class! I love the way you incorporated yoga, pilates and taekwondo. Keeps things exciting, fresh and new. Can't wait for your next class - Thank you!!!
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Great mix of Pilates, Yoga, & Taekwondo.  I love Crow Pose. When I was a Crow Newbie I used to put a towel or soft yoga block on the mat below my face. That saved my face from a good bruise several times, when I fell forward. Thanks Maria.. I really appreciate your classes:) 
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