A Flow For Everyone<br>Saul Choza<br>Class 4384

A Flow For Everyone
Saul Choza
Class 4384

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Thanks for the reply. I tried Back to Beginnings today and plan to repeat it at least once a week for next month at least.   I can see why you think it will be helpful and will come back with my progress.  Thanks very much!
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Lori I would love to hear your progress.
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Some lovely cueing x getting back to basics is always good 
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Debra H thank you! I’ve enjoy this workout as a restorative session, especially when my body feels very sore. 
Cynthia U
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Love your lessons Saul! I am Pilates instructor too but it is very inspiring to enjoy and feel so powerful lessons to reconect the body. We work looking after the bodys of our students but we really need to care ourselfs. Thanks so much
Cynthia U Thank you so much. I agree, self care is essential to our practice. Every time I do this class myself,  I feel much lighter. 
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I've been doing Pilates for about a year and I really appreciated this reminder of some basics. I absolutely loved the shoulder rotation exercise--way more intense than it looks! Thank you Saul!
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