Introducing The Frame
Misty Lynne Cauthen
Class 4415

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I don't normally take level 1-2 classes, but I hadn't taken a Misty Lynne Class before and I wanted experience her teaching style.  Good, slow paced, well cued class with attention to detail. She has an amusing way of saying things,  which was another treat. I wore 5 lb leg weights and added reps here and there, which worked for me.  I had fun and feel much better. Thanks Misty Lynne:) 
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Wonderful class with some interesting new cues to promote external rotation of the shoulders as well as a deeper abdominal contraction.
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I loved all the subtle differences in cuing from what I am used to. I feel like this really changes things up for me. I look forward to more of your workouts!
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I've really enjoyed your class and the creative use of the towel. Sometimes it's great to experience a known exercise with a new outlook. I'm looking forward to your next workouts. Thank you!
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Great class! Loved the use of the towel for preps.  Looking forward to more classes
Really enjoyed the class and the towel helped get out of my hip flexors...thank you!
Thank you, Misty! I liked the towel Teasers 😇
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Ten years of pilates practice and there is STILL so much to focus on in a 1/2 level class when it is taught with so much intention.  I can tell already that I will be guided and inspired by your  upcoming classes Misty. Just took this one for the  2nd time.
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Loved the first class. Controlled, strength required, slow pace but good workout. 
Thank you Misty. Great class with very specific and spot on cueing! After years of teaching I love to learn new ways to direct the body! I’ll look forward to more classes with you. (And I loved your humor!)
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