Introducing The Frame
Misty Lynne Cauthen
Class 4415

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Thank you Misty! Great  class!!
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I am a new teacher.  Love your prep work and during.
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Loved it and Love YOU!
Lina S I love the towel because it's easy to find (even on holiday) and simple to apply. Thanks for watching!
Lauramaria S I hope you're still enjoying the towel work! As you mentioned, it really makes it obvious when you're accessing the hip flexors vs allowing them to stretch freely. Thanks for watching!
Joni N I like the way you think! No matter how advanced I feel, I always take the time to revisit the beginner level work--there are always great nuggets to discover! Thanks for watching.
Darlene B Thank you so much! 
Thanks for watching, Anita! 
Teri L If we can't have fun when we're working out, what's the point, right? 🤣 Thank you for watching!
Cigdem A Thank you for watching!
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