Booty Barre™ Basics
Tracey Mallett
Class 443

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Wow, this class really kicked my butt! Definitely showed where my weaknesses are :). Going to keep with it until I master the stamina and flexibility!
Did this yesterday and am SOOOOO sore. Wondering how many times a week I should add this into my workout schedule. I normally do 4 pilates workouts a week, 2 matt and 2 apperatus...and maybe one or two 20 min cardio. I don't want to work out more days...but I love my pilates workouts.
Not sure why I can't see the video on the full screen but can listen to it.
Loved this class- great for dancers to round out their training!
Where can I purchase the Pilates ball at? Does the website sell these?
Great class! I love using this to supplement my weekly ballet classes. Can't wait for more Booty Barre Classes.
Breanna the ball can be purchased on Amazon

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My favorite class so far on Pilates anytime. More please
Absolutely amazing! Challenging and fun at the same time. Thanks!
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Wonderful class, but the music was really loud and distracting.
As a learning tool, would prefer more emphasis on Tracy's cueing and keep music in the background
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