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Amy Havens
Class 4443

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Hi Amy, I am so glad that you are back on PA. During the pandemic, you were one of my favorite hours of the week and I have continued to re-watch your classes over the winter. I always feel very centered and grounded after taking a class with you. Thank you for your dedication, it shows in your teaching.
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This is soooo perfect!  I love having a program to show me how to progress on the Wunda Chair!  One of the reasons I don’t use my chair super often is because I don’t know how to move it forward and a lot of the classes use completely different exercises.  For me, you are the perfect teacher for this. I echo Dorit T in her comments that your classes were so helpful during pandemic and helped me very much to improve my mat practice.  It’s great, as always, to have new Amy classes!
Thank you! 
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Hi Amy.....
You have a lovely voice and a lovely way of expressing the nuances of the exercises.  Thank you for that.  Your passion shows through your words  and body.
I hope you don't mind what I'm going to say next though.  I was a little turned off when you wanted to change what the exercise is called (mermaid), to something else.  Pilates has always been a wonderful escape from the chaos of the world and personal life.  Joseph Pilates was a man and the exercise is the mermaid.  Please don't bring the horrors of the outside world into the peace of this one.
Thank you for all you do.  
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Thank you Dorit T for this very genuine comment for me.  It pleases me to know that I've inspired so many people during the pandemic to keep moving, keep practicing and well ---keep on keeping on!!  We're very close to being able to film back in the studio, which is making all of us very excited!  I so appreciate your interest in my work!
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Lori  thank you for your very thoughtful comment.  I am an extremely dedicated teacher and feel grateful I have the opportunity to show this dedication here on Pilates Anytime.  For me, I want people to learn ---- and do, yes, but really learn Pilates and the depth of the method.  I value members like you who take the time to learn from me and who share the same interest.  It's wonderful to have this 3 class chair progression up on the site, and it's only a few ideas of how to work progression with the Chair!  
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Roseanne P thank you for the compliment, and then the honest statement/opinion about the Mermaid.   I honor this method and the work of Joseph Pilates and in no way meant harm by my comment.  It's passion like yours, and mine, that keep this work alive.  I know the name of the exercise is Mermaid.  I call in Mermaid with all my students.  I was merely brining in another possible thought, with no opinion that the name of the exercise should be changed to Mer-person.  

Thank you Amy for your response.  I'm glad the "mermaid" will be called the "mermaid" and the craziest of the outside will be left outside.  Have a great week.
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I am enjoying the format with a basic progression! You Amy have always great ideas, good pace, enjoyable voice, precise and clear cues, many thanks! 
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Ms. Amy:  Great breakdown on the chair.  Love your cues and imagery!  Look forward to the next two classes and passing this info on!  Thank you.
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I have loved this class, the chair is the Pilates machine that I like the most. The description of the diaphragm with the movement of the pedals is wonderful. I would like you to do more chair classes. Thank you
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