Upper Body Release<br>James Crader<br>Class 4479

Upper Body Release
James Crader
Class 4479

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great class, to learn how creative and simple movements became so important to be a mindful mat practitioner and teacher
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Thank you James! That class was a revelation, my arms have abs and a back. Eureka moment. 
Sylvana M Thank you! I'm so honored to have your interest, support, and curiosity around my work. 
Etaine AWESOME! Thank you!
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Thankyou James always insight and new discoveries with your sessions. 
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I have woven your exercises into my 'traditional' Pilates classes, and  my clients have LOVED them -  the sense of 'safe' freedom they give to the body, the excitement of a fresh, creative approach. They bring smiles of enjoyment to everyone's face. Thank you James!
Melanie S Thank you!
Marianne N You are so welcome! Glad you and your students are finding them valuable. 
Ruth A
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I searched for an upper body session and your class was suggested. What great ideas and variations James. Thank you. I will be watching all your earlier sessions next. 
Firmpoint Pilates
Thank you James.... your simple movement is not that simple if we understand the meaning behind it. Love it♥️♥️
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