Streamlined Mat<br>Diane Diefenderfer<br>Class 4494

Streamlined Mat
Diane Diefenderfer
Class 4494

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Awesome class thanks!
Adam M
This is great. Some mornings I need a quicker workout (because I’m procrastinating). This is the one I’ve been seeking, and it’ll get regular use. Many thanks.
Diane Diefenderfer
Thank you Adam. Happy to hear you enjoyed my class. I tried to keep it relatively short and straightforward. Best wishes,
Luana N
Very nice flow! Thanks Diane for this great class.
Quick and straightforward class - just what I needed on a Sunday!
Really love this class - new instructor for me, just done another of yours today. Would love some more mat classes by you
What a lovely, elegant, and efficient class. I feel great. And the setting, such a beautiful backyard.
Thanks for a nice moving progression; used it for an evening activity.
Lina S
Great workout in a short amount of time!
Jacquie W
Really enjoyed this, did this in an evening after a long day at work and it was refreshing and quick enough that it didn't take up my entire evening! 
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