Fluid Reformer Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 4526

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Just what I needed! Thank you Meredith!
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Thanks Meredith! You don’t look like you’ve missed a single day on the reformer!
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Great class.  I love when a class comes full circle back to the beginning.  Such great feedback...to feel the difference from start to finish.
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Lovely!!! Thank you so much! 
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It's wonderful to have new classes from you! I'm eager to have more reformer classes, so this is a special treat! Thanks!
Beautiful class Meredith.  Thank you always! 
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Feels wonderful.  Thank you. 
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Meri is back yah xx
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Scrumptious!  So glad to see you back on the reformer, Meri. Always love your choices.  More please!  
Always love doing a class with you!  Basic and beautiful.
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