Traditional Mat Flow
Amy Havens
Class 4531

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Elizabeth M Norita Julie L Jacquie W Kerry H Barbara Z Jordan R I appreciate you all so much, thank you for taking class with me!!
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bbitner Paige R Rachel I appreciate you all so much, thank you!
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Just what my body needed this morning! I feel nourished!
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Yay! Great to have you back teaching at PA! This was a great way to start the morning - loved the abridged sequence.
Thank you so much Stacy W and Marissa !  It's always so nice to connect to you all, thanks for taking class!
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Thank you Amy. Always lovely cues and add ons
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Some delicious functional movements. Thanks Amy!
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Thank you Carol H and Tess !!
The breathing on the HUNDRED is wrong. Nobody I infallible -- even Joe. Evidence-  scientific  and experiential-- shows  that four inhales and  six exhales is the proper  execution. TRY it!!  See  how much better this works. 
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