Glute Release<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 4541

Glute Release
Niedra Gabriel
Class 4541

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I keep coming back to this it’s so good! 
Niedra Gabriel
Elizabeth D it is so good to get that tension out of our Butt LOL. we are all uptight.
Susan J
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Thank you so. much! This is just what I need. Do you recommend doing this work before or after a pilates session and how much time between them?
Niedra Gabriel
Susan J This is for you to decide. Try before and or after a p[ilates session to see your preference. its very personal. you can do this work daily, unless you have a reaction ( rare unless your tissue is very tight) just trust your own body to answer these questions. and roll out....
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I love this one I've watched it many times I have a big butt lol and this makes me love it more and maybe it will get smaller if I commit! I can feel how it would! also very relaxing on a yoga level 
Niedra Gabriel
Elizabeth D your post made me laugh.  I love that you are getting to love you butt ! and are enjoyign the rolling and release of the muscle patterns. who knows? we are all the shape we are for a reason.  and if we learn and appreciate - that's the gift and the joy. 
Destiny R
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YOU are very inspiring!! I have had a tight periformis for YEARS... the release was emotional.  
Niedra Gabriel
Destiny R thrilled for you reading your post > This work can be a wild ride - sometimes better than therapy as whatever is really locked into our bodies.
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