Solar Powerhouse<br>Jason Williams<br>Class 4565

Solar Powerhouse
Jason Williams
Class 4565

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Love the centering and combinations! Great class!
Michelle D
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I loved this class and feel amazing after the reiki meditation, thank you!
Jason Williams
Darlene M Thank you so much for attending.  Glad you enjoyed it. :)
Jason Williams
Michelle D Glad you enjoyed the class and feel amazing.
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Thank you! I was going to look up a chakra meditation today and happened upon your class. Just what I was looking for! Really enjoyed the Reiki as well. 
Jason Williams
Hannah H So glad you found the videos.  Hope you continue to enjoy them. :)
Lina S
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I like the idea of linking chakras with the Pilates practice. The exercises chosen for this class increase willpower. I can feel it. Thank you.
Jason Williams
Lina S Awesome!  Glad you are feeling it!
Melissa D
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Great class! Really enjoyed it! Thank you! : )
Jason Williams
Melissa D You're welcome!  Thank you for attending :)
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