Reformer Tune-Up 1<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 4566

Reformer Tune-Up 1
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 4566

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Michael Mary S
Sarah, really enjoyed this class.  You have such a lovely, calm mannerism.  Thanks for sharing.
Really loving this series of classes Sarah, thanks so much!  Feeling wonderful in body in mind and keeping inspired for my teaching too!
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Great class.  I feel great after completing!  Thanks Sarah
Stacey S Yay!  So glad the scooter variation worked for you.  Take care:) 
Clemencia Puerta Thank you so much!  Seems that most people prefer workouts packed with good work in 30-45 minutes.  That said, I will keep in mind your requests and try to put out another 60 minute class at some point.  Take care:) 

Thank you Renee Murphy !  Happy to hear the scooter worked for you.  Always fun to shake things up a bit.  Take care:) 
Christine S Wonderful to hear.   That spine stretch variation has become my new favorite.  really helpful for loosening my usually tight low back. :) 
Nelly C  Wonderful! It is my hope that people can take my classes with very little need to "watch".  Thanks so much for sharing your experience. take care!! 
Hi Helen S,  Thank you! Yay that you felt your hips melting.  So very needed. take care:) 
Tamara G you and your body are welcome!  Thank you:) 
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