Uncle Joe's Mat Flow<br>Chris Robinson<br>Class 4582

Uncle Joe's Mat Flow
Chris Robinson
Class 4582

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Perfect training remembering the original serie. Original Pilates is athletic right?
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Well that was fun. Loved the pace of this class. Sometimes you just don't have an hour to workout, and this class hits all the rights notes in a concise format.  On days when i have more time, I will probably pair this with another half hour class of a different style. There are many interesting 1/2 classes at P.A. Thanks Chris:) 
So much fun! Thanks Chris!
Rolled my mat out on the grass looking onto Lochcarron in Scotland. Magical, thanks Chris
Thank you Chris - that woke me up!
Laura Maria
great class! quick question: on the double leg kick variation, do you have your feet separated the whole time or do the heels touch when they lower?
Thanks again Chris:) 
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Love. Fun. Challenge. Sweat. Supple. Detox.
Cheryl Z
Boomerang coming up keeping same distance challenging. want to buy the book and read it thanks. My chin down on push ups really felt arm muscles will need to switch it up from classic chi tuck. loved the hundreds especially. cued as a favorite
Great classical flow
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