Athletic Mat Flow<br>Melissa Connolly<br>Class 4594

Athletic Mat Flow
Melissa Connolly
Class 4594

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Thank you so much Melissa, I think this is the most challenging so far. The hip work section was appreciated and lots of exercises in this 50 minutes. A very well designed class for your people.
This  was a great class. I really enjoyed your combinations with the ball and overall full body work out. Thank you!
Barbara O
Brilliant class, I feel so good now
I love when instructors include standing work and balance work.. Mallory included both. I thought the side plank series was a killer. I barely made it through and appreciated the challenge. Thanks Again Mallory for this class and your entire series! 
Helen S
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My first class with you!  Loved it!  Thank you so much, I'll go back to the other 6 this week!!

Great flow! Loved the pace, intensity and variations! 
Lina S
What a fun and flowing class! I love it.
Florence P
Thank you Melissa for your very great class, every exercice is connected to another ! Nice flow and using of differents levels!
Thanks Melissa!! This was a great total body workout!
Sandra B
Great class thanks so much)
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