Straightforward Reformer 2<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 4607

Straightforward Reformer 2
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 4607

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Jennifer C
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Wonderful class! Thank you.
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Just a perfect class!! I feel so lengthened and strong! thank you!
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I’ve adored taking this series of zesty reformer classes. It has been a wonderful gift to open a new class every week for the past few weeks. I hope you’ll consider a series of zesty tower workouts! (Hint, hint, Pilates Anytime!)
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This was perfect!! Thank you! I hope you continue to bring more zesty workouts to us!
Sarah - this class is amazing!  Enjoyed every minute of it & feel elongated & stretched!
Thank you Jennifer C ! "see" you soon. 
Wonderful Lisa M.  Thank you so much!
Thank you so much Stacey S.  Zesty Tower Flows sounds quite fun.  Will keep the idea in mind.  Take care. 
Hi Nicole T,  There will be more Zesty workouts.  Not sure when, but yes! Take care:) 
Thank youLaurie J.   Elongated and stretched is perfect! Take care:)  
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