Calming Mat Flow<br>Delia Buckmaster<br>Class 4612

Calming Mat Flow
Delia Buckmaster
Class 4612

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Delia, thank you so much for journey that you have taken me on with the eight classes. I have done some of them multiple times. I have shook, I have cursed the planks but my body thanks you. Go raibh maith agat from Ireland. 
Wonderfull! Thanks Delia
I really enjoyed this session, thank you Delia :)
Tracey P
Thanks for a wonderfully inspiring series Delia! I am in New Zealand and we are in our fourth week of lockdown so your sessions have been my daily highlight! Looking forward to seeing your next series...hoping there will be more please.
 Feeling so much stronger and more connected to my body. Thanks again 
Laura Maria
great flow and pace, enjoyed the precision !
That was a lovely finish to a fantastic series. Thanks so much Delia. I hope you come back soon!
Great class Delia, I really enjoyed the pace and the movements you included in this one.  Thank you!
Kim W
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I did it! I made it through all eight classes, eight days in a row, and not only do I feel stronger, but I have a sense of personal accomplishment that is priceless. What a wonderful way to begin 2022. Happy New Year, Delia, and to everyone who participates in this series. It is well worth the time and effort!
Sherl T
I love Dalia’s queuing and pacing through this whole series. I plan to complete in a regular rotation - good set of classes.
Great series! I really enjoyed them. Thank you.
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