Align on the Mat
Courtney Miller
Class 4636

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I liked the flow and way of your queing; thank you so much this is a great class
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Awesome, Courtney you do such a great job explaining the “why” of an exercise.
Wonderful class, Courtney! I love your esprit and empathy mixed with humor. I really feel strong and aligned after your classes. Thank you so much! 
Great Class

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Great class and I enjoyed it, but it's a lot easier than the 1st 2 in this series (this is an observation not a criticism). Next time i take this class i'll just add some leg weights to keep a momentum in the series going. Thanks again Courtney:) 
Really enjoyed that Courtney.  You continue to be an inspiration in every way, thank you.
Really enjoyed this and love th over all for the additional challenge…
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I liked the variation on the leg circles, much easier for me with my knees bent. Great class. Thank you.
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I really enjoy your teaching. Nice variations (leg circles, plank with one leg in the air, kneeling series, etc.).
Perfect just the right level - easy on the knees! 
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