Knee Stretch Series<br>Diane Diefenderfer<br>Tutorial 4661

Knee Stretch Series
Diane Diefenderfer
Tutorial 4661

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Very informative! Thank you very much!
Thank you for this series.  I’m a student, not an instructor and I very much enjoy and learn from these tutorials.
Beautifully demonstrated.
Outstanding, clear instructions and identification of potential problems in form and position are helpful.
Ufuk Ceyhun G
Thanks for tutorial. What color spring should be on ?
Diane Diefenderfer
Knee stetch is usually done on  2 springs - we are using 2 red.
Edgar A
I appreciate that you included a demonstration of what could go wrong during the exercises and how you can fix them. I also appreciate the imagery! 
That was THE best ever teaching on knee stretch series!
Margaret B
Diane you mentioned you only do the last (of the 3) exercise bc of a knee replacement & you don’t kneel. So, does that mean you no longer do any of the exercises that require kneeling? Wondering bc I need a knee replacement. Your instructions were crystal clear & made such a difference.
Can't agree more, this one is hardest to cue and goes wrong often. 
Love the tactile examples.
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