Straightforward Reformer
Diane Diefenderfer
Class 4662

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Amazing flow! Thank you
Great instruction Diane, thank you!
Love the pace. Thank you for the workout.
Love it! Sometimes I just need a short one.
Loved Dianes fast flow and great instruction! Hope we can look forward to more reformer videos from her!!
Bravo, loved the cueing and seamless flow of the class! A full body workout indeed! Thank you for sharing Diane- excellent words, rhythm and flow, felt the connections even just watching the class! Lovely execution by Laura too!
Loved this! Thank you! 
Great workout and amazing energy)
So happy to see you back. I love all your classes! 
Great video! I really like the breathing in pelvic press to return the carriage and lower the pelvis back down in one long exhale. I also appreciate how you described the difference between keeping a flat back during the High V exercise instead of swaying the back the way you would in a down dog from yoga.
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