Menopausal Renaissance<br>Joy Puleo<br>Class 4672

Menopausal Renaissance
Joy Puleo
Class 4672

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Wow! Exquisite! I'm menopausal but wasn't too anxious to take something called a menopausal class. I was thinking 'how challenging could it be?' But I saw the arc (I'm a sucker for anything with the arc)--and my, my. Now I'm lengthened, mobile, clear, and aware of my waning 'rebound' and leg strength. So thank you for that. I think. :)

Actually, I'm serious. Now I know, and knowledge is power to move in an enlightened direction! Thank you for a delightful, yummy AND badass class for any and all! I'll be coming back to this one, again!
I LOVE my barrel - this class was great more things to do on it !  Thanks so much
Cynthia G
Ah, thank you, thank you, thank you.  Keep talking, we learn a lot (its not always a break) Felt safe doing the lunges. I know they are so important. Thanks PA and more for real menopausal and plus ladies.
Marion Cooper Farrell
Loved this class. Loved the exploration the free flow of movement - thank you Joy and Ladies you are all amazing and inspiring!
Really enjoyed the class. Important instructor can stay realistic and right sized
Kim M
Amazing ladies doing this amazing class. Thanks so much Joy for these wonderful classes on the topic of menopause. Such a can do attitude love it. 
Great class. So interesting.
Janie J
Great class.  Easy to follow 
Wonderful class! I enjoyed it so much and feel great after. This will be such a gift to share with my clients. Thank you so much! 
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