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Cynthia Lochard
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Thank you for sharing. I have never heard of a Grand Master Teacher and now have been informed because of PA. She is such a lovely person and I loved this interview. It is insightful and encouraging. Love it.
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Wow - Cynthia - thanks so much for sharing your incredible experiences as a dancer and as a student of Romana's. I'm sorry we never met in NY - I was there around 2000/ 2001.

Unlike you, I was not a dancer - not much of a mover of the body except for the fact that I was running around chasing my 4 kids.....but when I walked into Drago's every morning at 7am and she was already there, laughing, joking, gently persuading a student to lift the leg "arriba" - it just made me feel like I was home. Home with her. I was blessed to have had my training with her - all the way through.

It was always about instincts. As she would say - what makes a teacher good - INSTINCTS! And that she had to the maximum.
Thank you Cynthia.

I loved Romana completely and fully. She was - by and far, a most amazing spirit.
I had the honour of having Cynthia as my first teacher. She was also the person who encouraged me to become a teacher. She changed my body, she trained me to change other people’s bodies and she introduced me to Romana. Romana is the most passionate, joyful and yet brilliantly succinct woman I have ever met and I have always felt blessed to have had the special time I did with her. I feel equally blessed to have had the time I did and still do with Cynthia. She is a wonderful ambassador of Romana's message - not just about Pilates - but also about life. She is also an inspiration in her individual self! Thanks for allowing the wider Pilates community to get to know her a little in this interview.
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Thank you Kristie and Pilates Anytime for giving us as a Pilates community this caliper of teacher interview. We are blessed to have a wealth of amazing instructors out there to carry on the work of Joe Pilates. Thank you again Pilates Anytime for all that you do.

Leslie Steensrud
Fabulous interview Cynthia and Kristi! Thank you!
I've had the privilege of having taken lessons with Cynthia and truly enjoyed hearing this interview. Very inspiring! Feeling proud to be part of this community of dedicated teachers
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Thank you Kristi! That was interesting as well as very refreshing... I loved the simplicity and honesty in the interview as well as Cynthia's emphasis on Pilates as a way of life. I do hope that you have filmed your private class with Cynthia and that you will share it with us all :)
I wish I could have filmed it for my sake! I would benefit greatly from the review. It was so great to work with her it almost brought tears to my eyes. Alas, Cynthia was on a tight schedule and we were lucky to coordinate what we did. I do hope she'll come again. She knows she is invited!
great interview, I'm loving your site....many thanks
Thanks Kristi & Cynthia for sharing this interview... so inspiring and insightful!
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