Strengthening Reformer<br>Madeline Black<br>Class 4707

Strengthening Reformer
Madeline Black
Class 4707

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Loved seeing how your mat work, Madeline,  transfers onto the equipment!  The gait piece was wonderful!  Thank you! 
That felt awesome! 
Cat W
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This was a great class. I learned a lot. The attention to detail was excellent. I liked the focus on pelvic positioning in each exercise. I also liked the explanation of the femur action and pelvis dropping during the side lunge.  I plan to watch more of Madeline's classes.
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really wonderful, Madeline! Thank you for new inspiration and also that my hips feel warm and balanced after this!! sending Love!
Damon  F
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I totally geek'd out! fluid transitions and brief but specific explanations! Well done! 
Sofie van der Sommen
thank you very much, I love you're playful way of using the reformer to feel the movement in the hips!
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Wow, Madeline! Truly enjoyed this challenging pelvic health session. I could feel muscles coming back to life that haven’t been used in quite a while. The “Before” seated awareness vs the “After” seated awareness at the end was quite different. My pelvis felt heavier, and more equally weighted after doing all the exercises. What a wonderful class! Thank you!
Amy S
Hi Madeline,
What should I feel when I send the sacrum down and forward? Will this feel like an opening in the front of the hips? and a pelvic shift forward over the femurs?
And, would you use that cue for prone work , say,  swan for example? 
Thank you:)
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I feel more equal weight on sit bones after the wonderful class ! One question about " Knee stretch", I can not get the feeling pull the bar while pushing the carriage away, would you like to explain more details , thank you very much !
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Wonderful Class. I did feel the difference in weight and breath distribution before and after class.
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