Neck and Shoulders<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4715

Neck and Shoulders
Amy Havens
Class 4715

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i can,t wait to do this with my own class xx
Michelle K
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Wonderful Amy, loves it!
Great work as ever Amy, thanks. Great for all of my classes:) (and myself)!
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Amy how wonderful this class is: incredible feel good 30 minutes!
Bandana S
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Great session for the end of day and I just feel so limber. It's a much forgotten area that I didn't realize could be targeted so effectively!  Thank you Amy!
Fantastic classes! Thank you Amy!
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What can  say….. love love love this class. Your teaching cues and humour make you a wonderful teacher. Thank you Amy
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Great class for reviewing your options for those neck stretches you swear you're going to add to the end of your day.  Then you finally get 5 minutes to sit on the edge of your bed and you're like, "Wait, what do I do?"  These.
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Just like Catherine G above, I started watching this class thinking I'd get some ideas for some clients of mine. But then I found myself starting to move my neck like you did and getting a kitchen towel for the shoulder work! And wow, what a wonderful feeling afterwards! The freedom in my neck and shoulders is unbelievable...! Thank you so much, Amy, your classes never fail to do me an amazing amount of good and inspire me for my own classes.
Thank you ALL for such positive feedback on this 30 minute neck and shoulder class.  I really appreciate you all taking the time to leave a comment for me to let me know what you like about it. Turid Dramé Bandana S Courtney Lynne Mathias Sharon C Allison O Anne P. 
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