Magic Circle Burn<br>Gia Calhoun<br>Class 4748

Magic Circle Burn
Gia Calhoun
Class 4748

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Maria B
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that was fanstastic!!!! thank you very much!
Elizabeth M
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Loved this class, definitely felt the 🔥 and stretch! Thanks Gia and Nicole! ❤️ 
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Thanks Gia - effective workout in less than 30 mins!
Margaret C ~ I usually prefer to use a mini Magic Circle but I also have long arms so I usually have to adjust to make sure it doesn't fall over too (I don't have this issue with a regular Magic Circle because I'm on the shorter side). Sometimes I place it a bit lower than my sternum and I find that helps a bit. I just try to make sure it's not pressing on my ribcage in an uncomfortable way. I hope this helps!
Margaret C
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Thanks Gia! So good.
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I needed Gia in my life today to finish the week, thankyou!!
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Quick and efficient! 
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Thank you Gia! I loved taking your class! The routine you use and your cues sound really similar to my own! We must come from the same "lineage" ( : anyway, super enjoyed it and look forward to more classes! 
Anna B
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A lovely and very effective class, Gia, thank you! 
Lesia K
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LOVE this class, Gia. Since I joined PilatesAnytime, I've been obsessed with your classes. Appreciate all the guidance, breathing, and cues. Plus, I have sensitive inner thighs and tight hips, and I feel like no one gets me like you do. 
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