Mat with Towel<br>Blossom L<br>Class 4763

Mat with Towel
Blossom L
Class 4763

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Lina S
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Excellent class and fun too! Great cueing. 
Julie Lloyd
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Brilliant class, thank you. I absolutely loved the creative use of the towel throughout, and the beautiful flow of the moves. And Blossom, your teaching style is so fresh and uplifting. I really enjoyed this.
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Really enjoying the home props series! 
Another fun and inventive class, thank you Blossom, I love your teaching x
Loved this class. Fun and stretchy!
Awesome class, loved it!
A delightful hard working class made even more enjoyable by taking it with your student Caroline. 
I took this class several times while traveling. Now I'm home again surrounded by my props and I STILL sought out this class. Thank you.
Loved the upper body corkscrew- fun and creative class- thank you!
This is a super fun class!  Try it!  I used a combination of a yoga blanket and a woven strap.  My favorites were the reverse action head press back into the towel/strap while in forward fold; and the fingers to toes spiral with strap/towel taut between hands overhead.
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