Energizing Mat<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 4785

Energizing Mat
Kristi Cooper
Class 4785

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Ron Fletcher Towel is better. And this entire  sequence work with socks. 
Joan Breibart I love Fletcher towel work.  His towel definitely offers more options and feels better in the hands if you have one. Thanks for the tip regarding the ability to use socks. 
i have  Fletcher red and white towels.  I did your  sequence with socks and  my feets stayed warm .
Christy so good to see you ! wonderful class to start or end the day !!! 
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Great workout to start the day, love the variations with the towel, thanks Kristi! 🙌
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Great use of the towel for teaching online…..and very different from using a theraband. Nice wake up class!
Julie Lloyd
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This is an absolutely brilliant class Kristi. I loved the towel, and your combination of moves was perfect. My hips and shoulders feel great!
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I feel happy in the end; thank you for his short and delicious class Kristi
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such a nice class, thank you :)
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So nice to see you again Krisit! I'm always on the reformer so this was a nice change to end my workout!
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