Building Range of Motion<br>Cara Reeser<br>Class 4861

Building Range of Motion
Cara Reeser
Class 4861

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Jane R
thank you, great class, just what my shoulders needed today
Hello, Can you add  cc´s   transcript  to videos?   thanks
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Loving this series!  Can you recommend a timeline for implementing it.? Like how many weeks between going on to the next class? How many times a week and should it be used as a kind of warm up before weightlifting?  Thanks.
Also love your cat!
Lina S
I've really enjoyed the class and learned some new things. Interesting moves nicely cued (the twist at the end with the band for example). What a cute cat! It looks a lot like mine! Thank you!
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Thank you! I love Sammy coming in for some love at the end. 
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Thank you Cara, as always - very versatile, well cued class, and lots of room for adding variations. Somehow it feels as if you give us the freedom to do so .. love it!
Thanks for using the MELT Roller! It's perfect for my shoulder girdle and rib wall!
Ruth S
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A great class - thank you. It has set me up for the day at my desk
Lovely class. Always amazed that we can keep finding new variations. Reg is my cat that often joins me online:) Love their curiosity! xx

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