Strength Training Circuit
Courtney Miller
Class 4865

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Loved this class, thank you! It enticed me into weight training in a super fun way. Needed the muscle challenge and enjoyed getting my HR up!
Awesome class! I love a bit of weight training & loved how you incorporated into this class  
I love the strength training combined with Pilates. Also, the stress reducing component of this style workout would be worth millions if you could bottle it and sell it :) Addicted.
I always always like Courtney's classes though I always feel as if she should be on the front reformer so that the participant/instructor doesn't have to keep looking back. Keep being inspiring! cheers
Holy moly....what a class. Loved the combined weights/HIIT elements, Certainly gave me a 'feel good Friday' boost! Thanks guys. Keep these great classes coming😊
Loved combining the weights with the practice!  Reminds me of how important using weights can be for the body.  I’m a huge fan of lunged and squats too so thank you for the fun variations!  
Good class but with two to watch, plus constant chat, the music was unnecessary.
Another winner Courtney!  Thank you 
Absolutely love this series, including this class! I really enjoy the athleticism and flow. Thanks so much for another energizing, super fun class!
Courtney's classes are literally the best Pilates classes in the world. You go girl! Thank you for your creative flows & glowing energy.
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