Unburdening the Shoulder<br>Carla Mullins<br>Tutorial 4872

Unburdening the Shoulder
Carla Mullins
Tutorial 4872

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Caroline Close
This was very interesting and has given me lots of ideas for clients with restricted shoulder mobility. Thankyou Carla!
Carla Mullins
Thanks Caroline, I look forward to seeing some interesting progressions. It is nice to combine this class with some of the ideas in the wunda wobble class and the wishing you well on the reformer so that you get a lovely flow class.  
Frances H
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Carla‘s work is transformative where you feel the effects in real-time; done with deliberate precision is deceptively harder than it looks; and so creative and fun.
Carla Mullins
Thank you Fran.  Finding fun, to manage complexity is so important.  Inspired by your mentor Mary Bowen, who exudes humour and joy.
Excited to try some of these exercises! Thank you.
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Wow, so cool to see Carla on Pilates Anytime. Thank you so much for sharing. 
Carla Mullins
Lori , please tell me how you go.  I always love to see if there is a way we can tweak or progress these ideas.  I trialled them on my clients in the studio for the last few years, but we can always go deeper.
Carla Mullins
Svitlana, thank you it is nice to give you a happy distraction.  i was meant to film for Pilates Anytime in April 2020.  A pandemic meant we had to find different ways. At least you get to see my new studio.  I think you will like this work out as it will complement some of the shoulder stuff you and I did awhile ago.   I hope you are good.

This is so valuable!! Thank you. Would love to see further progressions for this common physical issue.
Carla Mullins
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