Lengthening Tower
Amy Havens
Class 4914

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Really nice class Amy! Felt some muscles I haven’t been using apparently. Thanks!
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Great class thankyou
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Very nice 👍 Thank you Amy!
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Amy, love this sequence…for myself as a student and for my students as a teacher…and you have such a great teaching style; your pacing/tempo, content, and and a very engaging/ inviting personality…authentic! Thank you!
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That felt great! Thank you for another wonderful session
Great combinations and nice flow, i love it! Thank you!
Your technique and explanations of the exercises were amazing!  So nice to see extension exercises emphasized with your class. Thank you for new material and inspiration Amy..
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Thank you Amy for another amazing class. Absolutely love all your work 👌❤️🙏
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Beautiful, thank you!
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