Powerhouse: The Mari Winsor Story
Mari Winsor
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My cousin passed from ALS just short of his 50th birthday a few years ago so ... this documentary touched me quite a lot. Tears! One of the most beautiful pieces here on Pilates Anytime! Thank you for this! Mari is such an inspiration! Her work; her impact will be within the Pilates industry forever! 
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What a beautiful & heartfelt tribute to Mari, she truly was an inspiration and her legacy lives on through so many.
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What a moving story! Mari Winsor was the one and only Pilates instructor I had ever heard of when I started Pilates 13 years ago. She did so much to popularize the method, and more people doing Pilates is a good thing!
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Thank you so much for this! What an amazing woman!
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I was so moved by this story. You did a beautiful job and honoring Mari's life and significance in the Pilates world.  I didn't know Mari or her story, but I cried and felt so grateful for what she gave to the Pilates Community and those people that she touched.  She continues to inspire one to believe in movement and the Pilates Method.  Thank you for sharing her amazing gift.
Thank you all for taking the time to watch this documentary. Mari did so much for the Pilates world. She knew what she was doing and she did it so generously. 
This is an amazing life story inspiration...emotional and great
Thank you for watching Marta F. Mari continues to inspire me everyday. She definitely led an amazing life!
If you own a pilates studio please have your staff and clients watch this. Let’s make sure Mari is remembered for creating this industry for us all.
Maria Leone Thank you for your comment. I agree! I would add that anyone who teaches or practices Pilates regularly that watches this documentary will have a better understanding of the shoulders we all stand on. 
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