Day 3: Hyped Cardio<br>Mychele Sims<br>Class 4942

Day 3: Hyped Cardio
Mychele Sims
Class 4942

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Your energy is amazing I loved it x
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A great class, and best of all, your humour makes it so much more enjoyable.  Thank you, can't wait to catch up on the next one.
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Loved the energy and the humour. Look forward to more of you on PA !
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Loving your work! Bringing the fun to a Pilates workout, I loved it!
Love your energy and sense of humour, thank you ❤️
Maria B
I cannot event describe how much I enjoy your class! Why does not last longer????Thank you! 
enjoyed your challenge so much I'm doing it again....and again, Mychele!
I reiterate the mentions of fun for this class.  I've had instructors lead through single-rep series of 5 before, but Mychele's is my favorite.  Each movement change stitched together perfectly.
Lisa C
Picked this one randomly and it was just what I needed to unwind from a long drive - going to try your other classes now, too!
Caroline R
Your good humor is contagious. You are adorable!
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