Playful Full Body Flow
Kristi C. & Meredith R.
Class 5010

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These classes are delightful for their companionable nature.  Play this class when you're feeling a little lonely or unmotivated.  The social quality will help bring you back to class.
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Amazing class, felt so good, love the cueing, thank you both so much!
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Enjoyed starting my day with you two. Thanks for getting me moving. 
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Great class girls! I really enjoyed it with you ❤️
Thank you all for spending your time with us. much as you may miss can better believe we miss making classes for you!!
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It' so nice to practice with you both, your frienship gives me joy and desire of practicing!
Valeria L very sweet!!
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Amazing, just what I needed 💕
Wow!!! This class is like a treasure chest full of priceless cues!!! Kristi, you helped me find my mid glutes, finally! with your cue to shift the upper hip forwards a bit! Meredith your mermaid is delicious! As was the whole class! Thank you both very much!!! Would you two care to offer a class around open leg rocker and teaser? I still struggle with straightening my legs in open leg rocker and keep the legs a mere inch off the ground. And there is always the question where exactly to sit? Straight spine or c-curve?…
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