Day 5: Tone Arms<br>Laura Hanlon<br>Class 5094

Day 5: Tone Arms
Laura Hanlon
Class 5094

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No messing around here! Serious but excellent arm work!
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This was awesome.
Amy K
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I'm really enjoying this series and especially your cueing, which is simple, precise, and not overwhelming - just the right amount to get us into the correct position. I'll be trying to emulate you as I teach my own classes!
Lina S
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Great class! Nice variety of challenging exercises!
Thank you for the thoughtful comment Amy K ! I am happy to hear you are enjoying the challenge and benefiting from my cueing. 
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Great arm endurance, loved the sequence of exercises. Phew, that teaser sequence was tough! Thank you for such clear cues!
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Another excellent class! Thank you
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Wow that was hard! I will need to practice! A really great arm workout!
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Absolutely fantastic!  No excessive talking or explaining - just the right amount of clear and precise cuing so it is easy to understand what to do next. Wonderful challenge, creative stuff with weights - I had so much fun with this class and feel refreshingly tired now
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These cues are outstanding ,very clear and precise, brava !!
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