Fluid Full-Body Class<br>Kristi C and Meredith R<br>Class 5174

Fluid Full-Body Class
Kristi C and Meredith R
Class 5174

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Good Mornig!!! Que alegría veros otra ves juntas!!! BRAVO!! Se os echa de menos en la pantalla. Queremos más clases con Meredith y sus alumnas por favor!!! Thank very much!!
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What a nice treat to get this in my inbox this morning! If I forget to tell you after I've taken the class, I had a wonderful time and loved it. Thank you, both. Happy Thanksgiving. xo
Andrea Constantine
What a delightful surprise. I love the “bestie” workout. Just exactly what I needed today. Excellent cuing. I’ve added this class to my favorites and will be returning to it soon and often. Thank you! 
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Just what I needed!  I love the cues you both give!  
Anna L
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Yay! What a fun treat to see this new class posted. Girl time! I love this series! Thanks Kristi & Meredith!
Andrea B
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Thanks Kristi and Meredith!  I love these short and sweet workouts.  They are my "no excuse" to fit in a few minutes even on a busy day.  They are are great way to start my day
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Meredith and Kristi you "besties" are awesome!! Not only do I love your workouts ....I enjoy the warmth and playfulness you bring to it.  I Look forward to more!!  Thank you!!
Annie R
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Fun as always - need more!!!!  Besties are the best
Samantha T
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Great cues and super fun to be with you for this class! 
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