Feel-Good Magic Circle<br>Mariska Breland<br>Class 5214

Feel-Good Magic Circle
Mariska Breland
Class 5214

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thankyou for some lovely ideas to placate my clients when using the circle...i can use these pleasant moves in between the not so pleasant ones!!! 
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Loved it! Thanks 😊
Thanks all! You’ll probably never get another magic circle class from me. 😅🤣
Thank you!! For someone who has a hate ‘relationship’ with the Magic Circle you created a ‘magic’ class nonetheless😊and since you seem to try and defy whatever gets thrown your way you probably might incorporate that dreaded MC into another class at some stage again😉🤣 I didn’t mind the single leg circles though as I managed them without the clicking in the hip socket so I guess it helped me to keep the leg in the right place🥳
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Your introduction to this class was hilarious and I really had some giggles with your commentary throughout. But also managed to get in a really nice stretch and strengthen during that session so thank you!
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Another great class, even with your nemesis. Thanks for the flexibility and humor, as always.
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Great sense of humour. You made reference to your MS, good for you for moving so beautifully. Have a few clients with same so appreciate the strengthening excercises that are achievable with the circle. Thank you 
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Mariska, i love your creative take! Thank you!
Thank you so much Mariska, a brilliant system that opens the entire body. I especially loved the back extension work. It has placed a gentleness on my nervous system which has compounded the joy I am already at a place with today.
Judy P that is a lovely endorsement! Thank you! 🥰
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