Mobilizing Reformer<br>Sally Anderson<br>Class 5436

Mobilizing Reformer
Sally Anderson
Class 5436

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I love this whole body feels more loose and ready to go!  Appreciate all the attention to shoulders and upper thoracic area!  Thank you!
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What a fantastic class, Sally! The roller footwork felt sooo good on my hips and ribs! I feel taller....
Sally Anderson
Wendy B Wonderful! Thank you so much for doing the class 🤗
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Can't wait to try this! 
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Such a great workout!  Thank you for a workout that I walked away from feeling more fluid, stretched and nicely worked.
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Soon nice new variations on traditional moves!
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Wow! Thank you, Sally, for this empowering, feel-fantastic session. It felt challenging, and lovely at the same time. Particularly enjoyed the mermaid and cobra variations at the end. Sending you hugs and gratitude for all your amazing work. 
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Lovely class! I particularly enjoyed the rib translation over the box
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The back extension with spinal articulation was yummylicious! Thankyou for such a fantastic session
Linda T.
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Thanks Sal and Andrew fabulous as always , even the version of the 100've won me over : )
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