Reformer for Ballet Dancers<br>Diane Diefenderfer<br>Class 5445

Reformer for Ballet Dancers
Diane Diefenderfer
Class 5445

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Oh my word Diane !! Fabulous class for this non dancer Pilates lover ! So many ideas  for my students as well as my own personal practice... Will come back  to this again and again... 
I LOVED this!! Thanks so much.
Great workout, I really enjoyed the seated stretches for the chest and back! Always love some jumpboard!
Robin S
fabulous!! LOVE IT! I will now take all of your classes offered here. being a life time dancer and almost 60~ this class was just what my inner diva needed ~ especially with you as the teacher . Loved the use of the green spring, I think it's often overlooked. Thank you again  
Christina R
This was so good! I loved all the dance moves and vocabulary. I learned a lot, thank you!
Shannon H
Absolutely lovely!
Shona Croft
Ooh that was lovely! THANKYOU. 
Wow, what an inspiring class and teacher. Many thanks. More to come? :)
Wendy B
I am not a ballet dancer but I felt like one! I thoroughly enjoyed this class, your instruction and have repeated it many times! Thank you so much!  More please 😊
Sarah E
So inspiring with the ballet technique creativity. Loved it!
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