Quick 20-Minute Mat<br>Lesley Logan<br>Class 5454

Quick 20-Minute Mat
Lesley Logan
Class 5454

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Saphira B
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Thanks for this blast of Pilates. Enjoyable to go so quickly, and I feel great afterwards.
Marisa S
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Perfect Morning Fundamental Flow!
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Just what I needed on a very busy day! Thanks! ūü§©
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Thanks Lesley! Hard class! I tacked it on to day #3 of Tash's new 7 day challenge - thanks again!
lorily awe thank you lovely! You make me smile! xx
Courtney G woohoo! Here's a year of lots of Pilates together here! xx
Saphira B yasss! Love reading this! xx
Marisa S yas love that I got to be part of your morning routine! xx
Belinda music to my ears!!! Use this on every busy day if you need!
Marissa oh that's a cool combo! Thanks for joining me! xx
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