Arm and Back Connection<br>Lesley Logan<br>Class 5457

Arm and Back Connection
Lesley Logan
Class 5457

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Your cueing is outstanding - I'm a long time fan. More intermediate 30 minute classes grounded in the basics - full body, please! 
Amy Himes awe thank you!!! I love reading this! Thanks for taking another workout with me xx~LL 
AMAZING!!! thank you!
Sarah Jane Conrad wonderful! I'm so happy to hear that xx~LL
Jessica C
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I am curious about the long box position not being centered, but slightly to one side.
Jessica C great question, its moved to the side so that your arms can be in alignment with your shoulder and not slightly out to the side. The goal is to find the muscles around your shoulder blade and lowest ribs and avoid over using upper should muscles (they love to over work). Normally I move the box to the other side when I switch but for filming purposes I just turned around. You would move it back to center for Pull Straps etc. Hope this helps xx~LL 
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