Arm Weight Class<br>Brett Howard<br>Class 5495

Arm Weight Class
Brett Howard
Class 5495

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Exquisite wish it was even longer perhaps a new wall weights class from him lovely
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Fabulous class. I really needed this one too🙏
Quick, fast and more than I knew I needed/wanted! Thank you Brett!
Patty Hafen
This is great Brett.  Beautiful flow, clear directions, and one has to do it to realize how challenging it is to hold the body still with the weighted movement of the arms.  Well done.
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Wonderful class Brett! This will be perfect for some of my people that do Pilates but always say “I need to add weights”
Lina S
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A great toning class nicely cued. Thank you!
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I too needed this class more than I knew!! I will be turning in to join you again-often🙏Really enjoy your classes.
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Brett, I love that stability queue........" Try not to let the movement of the arms disturb the rest of the body".   Brilliant, thank you as always.  Love your classes. 
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Brett Howard, this was great.  I really like short classes that I can fit in during the day.
Julie Lloyd
This class is amazing! Thank you Brett.
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