Grief Connection<br>Leah Stewart<br>Tutorial 5533

Grief Connection
Leah Stewart
Tutorial 5533

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Jennifer E
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Oh Leah, thank you so much for sharing openly like this! In 2021, I lost five extremely close family members including my dad and my father-in-law.  And even now in 2024, the grief is there, just in different ways. And movement has been one of the absolute most helpful things to me! I send you a big hug and tons of gratitude as I know what you shared will support many in their own individual journeys.
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What a powerful message and gentle explanation of the healing quality’s of movement. Mine was not a loss of a loved one but an experience of acceptance through a loved ones struggle with mental health. Open honest experiences delivered a pathway to healing and with your example sending the message it does not need to be done alone. Thank you for you class, encouragement, and wonderful presence.
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 I'm truly in awe of  how you have coped at this time,  thank you for having the strength to share. xxx
Abby C
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Thank you for sharing your story. You are an inspiration. Your children are so lucky to have you as a mom. The very best wishes to you and your family. 
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I"m so sorry for your loss Leah, and thank you for sharing your heart.. sending love to you and your family  

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Sweet Leah, you are such an inspiration! Thank you for being so honest and brave in sharing your story.  I lost my husband of 32 years about 8 years ago and your words really meant alot.  Movement is a blessing and practicing/teaching Pilates has really helped me over the years. God bless you and your family! 
Dear Leah, I am so very sorry for your loss! Thank you for sharing with us what happened, and wishing you and your children all the best!🧡
Well, what can I say other than thank you so much, dear Leah, your words are floating my heart and my eyes with tears but hope is  still there and movement is meditation, joy and prayer at the same time.God bless you and your family! 
Leah, watching this video has been an unexpected gift this morning.. Thank you for being vulnerable with this community and sharing your journey. Movement truly does heal... God bless you and your children ...
I just love you Leah Stewart Using your story and truly blessing others.  You're truly eloquently spoken and I have always loved you and respected you for this.  Thank you @pilatesanytime for giving Leah this platform.  I really wish I could share this video with certain loved ones that could use encouragement.  Thank you for your vulnerability, Leah.  Love you to the moon.
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