Grief Connection<br>Leah Stewart<br>Tutorial 5533

Grief Connection
Leah Stewart
Tutorial 5533

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Jamie J
Thank you so much for your insight and advice to help others through the grieving process. I recently lost my father right before Christmas and I have attempted to use movement to help me navigate my way through. Your story came at the perfect time. Thank you again Leah.
Thank you Leah so much for sharing this part of your journey so openly and bravely. You are an inspiration and your words have touched and helped me and I have no doubt you will do the same for many others….
Oh my dear Leah...what a beautiful soul...prayers and love to you and your family.  I just lost my father too...heart wrenching... 
Leah Stewart  you are Brave and Powerful. I am so  Grateful for your ability to share so much, so soon and so well. Thank yous for sharing the autneticiy of your life. I am ceterIain you are not alohe. 
Thank you for sharing your story & journey. You have such a gentleness , such grace, bravery. May God continue to work thru you during this time of healing. Great seeing you back at Pilates Anytime
Lina S
Thank you for sharing your experience and talking about grief, an almost taboo topic in our modern society. Movement is life and exercise is one of the way to train for real life challenges. I lost a dear member of my family earlier this year and it feels good to listen to your grief process, to your message filled with hope. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Passei pelo mesmo processo que vc mas,voltei a dar aulas 15 dias depois o q me ajudou muito na procura desse proposito da vida,seu depoimento tb me ajudou a entender outra dificuldades.
Obrigado!!< br />
You are inspiring, strong, blessed and  loved.  You are helping so many by sharing your story.  Your kind and thoughtful words will be heard by many, over and over and over again.  THANK YOU for your openness on a topic that our society often ignores.  Your family is blessed to have you there for them and them for you.  PLEASE Keep sharing your story.   
My heart goes out to you, Leah! It makes me feel so sad that you have to go through this! I always followed your work in great appreciation, and admired that you moved to the country with your beautiful family. I missed you here and it was a shock to hear your story now. Thank you for sharing and for taking the strength to help others. You are spreading love and trust into what life throws at us, empowering yourself and us! Thank you! Love, Silke
I work with patients who have life limiting illness and there is too little dialogue on the processing of grief for loss of the lives once imagined. Thank you Leah for your courage in verbalising the process you have gone through and how others might relate and draw strength from movement and Pilates in their acceptance and healing. Even the concept of connecting with grief rather than trying to ignore it or push it away is so necessary and empowering. Heartfelt thanks for your honesty and vision.
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