Intermediate Reformer<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 5548

Intermediate Reformer
Amy Havens
Class 5548

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Ainslie B
Thanks so a fun and easy to follow class 
Gisela G
Great class! I LOVED the snowman Thank you, Amy!
I loved this Amy! Great energy, wonderful cues, and I feel amazing. You always seem to get the class just right and I think that’s your excellent teaching. I love the pace and flow of your classes and the level is perfect for me. You seem to have a lovely kind approach to your body and this speaks to me too, which seems to take the effort out but also provides a great workout and challenge Thank you!
Christine S
Another fantastic class Amy. Thank you and love snowfish :) 
Those snowman leg circles were killer!! Really enjoyed the mix of old standbys mixed with some fun variations.
Carla R
Another just lovely class! Thank you Amy!
Loved the snowman circles.  What a fun variation.  I will be using that this week!
I love your flows Amy - you are a next level teacher!!  U will use A lot of this with clients and the snow fish made me laugh 
Kate A
I loved the snowman leg circles and "leaning" twist variations-thank you!
Marithé Lessard
🙋‍♀️so nice to revisiter les exercices , always nice to work with you ,thank you 
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